About Ad Astra

Find out why we’ve been around for so long

Established in 1958 as a family business, Ad Astra was bought by Joel Rogers in 2009 at the age of 25. As the 5th owner of this reputable dry cleaning company, Rogers has mirrored the original owner’s path by providing good old fashioned service. Rogers sees this company as more than just a dry cleaner, it’s a convenience service, and his outlook is that it needs to be treated, and present itself, in the same way as it does all clothing.

Latest cleaning technology

With a vision to make Ad Astra more than a dry cleaner, it’s a service to be provided to his customers that gives them the convenience and service of a long standing reputable company. Rogers sees Ad Astra as a trail blazer in the dry-cleaning industry and has invested heavily in the latest cleaning technology to ensure the best results for his loyal customers. Add to that the 12-strong team of knowledgeable employees and the latest cleaning methods, and Ad Astra is today a leading brand in the dry-cleaning sector. We combine innovation with old-school service giving you the best of both worlds.

With a business background in management from the Coles / Mayer group and training in Frankfurt and Australia for wet and dry cleaning, Rogers uses his experience to empower his staff to ensure they are happy and productive. This positive outlook helps the company grow and build on its already impeccable reputation.

Our clients are our main priority

Plans include growth, expansion and additional facilities, while still focussing on a happy staff contingent. Rogers understands that his staff are the backbone of the company, and that clients are the main priority.

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