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If you are a busy Perth resident juggling work and family life, it can be difficult to find the time for all your household chores or you’re a tad clumsy and usually end up with an iron burn or two or maybe you find ironing satisfying but you can never seem to get those perfectly crisp edges and aligned pleats…. Ironing is one of those tasks that many people put off until they have some spare time, which often leads to piles of clothes waiting to be ironed at all times. With our professional ironing service in Perth surrounding areas, you will never have to stress about ironing or wearing crinkled clothes again.

We know that ironing can take up a lot of time and it can be frustrating trying to get the last crease out, which is why we provide a crisp ironing service to make things easier for you. Whether you’re a young professional who needs business attire looked after, or you’re a busy executive mother who needs the family ironing done, we can assist you with our Perth-based ironing service.


Ironing Service

Wedding Dress Ironing Service

Getting married? Our wedding dress ironing service is for you. Have your wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses pressed perfectly for your perfect day.

If you often find yourself pressed for time and have been wondering, “is there a press only shirt service near me?” Well if you’re based in Perth, then the answer is yes. Our professional press laundry service is the answer, even if it’s a press-only shirt service that you need.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Ironing Service

Ironing Service is a pretty common service these days. However, there are many questions to consider when looking into it for your clothes, so we compiled this FAQ list just for you!

It’s always a pain when you need to iron your clothes but don’t have the time. The best way to get around this is by hiring someone else to do it for you, and with Ad Astra’s  Ironing Services, this can be done quickly and easily without any hassle! 

We offer same-day service on many items, so if you’re in a hurry or want that fresh-pressed look for an important occasion, we’ll come straight away and handle everything for you! Whether it’s just one item or several dozen, our friendly staff will make sure they are all looking perfect.

We are all naive when it comes to ironing. From time to time, accidents happen and clothes get stained or wrinkle excessively from being in a suitcase for too long. This can result in spending the day feeling self-conscious about your appearance because of wrinkles and stains on clothing! Ironing at home isn’t always effective as it requires expertise when ironing different types of fabric (e.g., wool) with temperature control set just right so you don’t risk burning them while using steam correctly to remove germs/bacteria leftover after washing or even removing wine stains out of cotton garments without damaging their structure; not everyone has these skills up their sleeves as professional dry cleaners do! 

After a hot bath, the fibers of clothes are soft to touch. The dampened fabric is then ironed and left with an “ironed” look that can be achieved by no other appliance just as well. Steam irons work best for those fabrics which cannot usually come out looking fresh without it like cotton or linens – while silk takes better care than any other material due to its unique texture when pressed against pressure from the steam coming through holes in water-filled capillary tubes inside the object’s cover!

Ironing your clothes is important for a couple of reasons. The first reason is to make your clothes look fresh and clean, which helps build self-confidence. Another reason is so that they don’t wrinkle while being stored in the closet or drawers, which makes them hard to iron later on and can cost you more time when doing laundry.

Ironing also makes your clothing last longer because it keeps dirt from accumulating and allows air to get through the fabric better so that stains dry out faster. Lastly, ironing reduces static cling by removing lint and other debris from your clothes before wearing them again. That way you’ll be less likely to attract pet hair or dandruff with all those tugs on the fibres! 

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There’s a reason why we’ve been Perth’s best dry cleaner for over 70 years. It would be because of how much our cleaners care! Our team of passionate, committed professionals are dedicated to providing you with the cleanest clothes around. To get started today just click on the button below and request your quote now!
Why Choose Ad Astra Dry Cleaners

Why Choose Ad Astra As Your Perth Dry Cleaners

You’ve got a big event coming up, and you need to look your best.

We know how important it is to have clean business shirts, wedding dress, or that leather jacket for that special occasion. That’s why we offer the best dry cleaning service in Perth, WA. Our team of experts will make sure your clothes are spotless and ready for that big day.

Don’t let stains or wrinkles ruin your outfit! Instead, bring them in today so our team can get those pesky marks out before they become permanent fixtures on your favourite shirt or dress. We also offer pick-up and delivery services, so you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home!

We offer a second-to-none service. At Ad Astra Dry Cleaners Perth, we pride ourselves on the quality of our dry cleaning services and take great care to ensure each piece of clothing meets or exceeds your expectations. We are confident you will be thrilled with how clean and fresh clothes feel after leaving us!

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