Why Dry Cleaning Is so Expensive

dry cleaning so expensive

Why Dry Cleaning Is so Expensive

Dry cleaning is one of those necessary evils in life. We all know it’s expensive, but what are we really paying for? And more importantly, is dry cleaning worth the cost? In our opinion (and based on science), absolutely! When you need your garments, household items, or delicate fabric cleaned by trained professionals with real people and materials involved, no amount can compare to how much better things will look when done correctly at a price that reflects quality workmanship–we’re talking efficiency here, people! So don’t go cheaping out just because something seems like “a small thing.” In this post, we’ll take a look at the cost of dry cleaning and what factors into the price.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Unlike regular laundering, dry cleaning uses a liquid solvent instead of water and detergent to clean your clothes. Since the solvent contains no water, it is known as “dry cleaning.”

The dry cleaners use very large and technologically advanced dry cleaning machines. The liquid solvent used to clean your clothes does wet them, but it evaporates much faster than water. Because solvent is used instead of water, it is not drained and discarded as soiled water would be in a washing machine. As part of the cleaning process, the solvent is re-circulated through filters to remove impurities loosened by the cleaning process. The solvent is then distilled until it becomes crystal clear and totally purified before being used again.

We also do wet cleaning, so this is counterproductive to our recommendations for cleaning this way.

The “finishing” (pressing) of your garments occurs after your clothes have been professionally cleaned by your cleaner, who uses specialised finishing equipment. The finishing methods that are employed differ based on the garments that are being processed, but in general, steaming and pressing are used. When it comes to relaxing wrinkles and improving pressing, steaming is an excellent choice. It also helps to improve cleaning by removing any lingering water-soluble materials and eliminating bacteria.

How Much Is Dry Cleaning?

Just like the clothes and style you wear are different from any other person, the cost of dry cleaning is also different. The average dry cleaning cost could start at $8 for a good scarf or $30 for a suit. The average cost of curtains would start at $16 per drop, while bedspreads start at $23. Dry cleaning a wedding gown averages starts at around $190 and will vary depending on the fabric, style and added ornaments. All these prices are just the base, and the final cost will be affected by certain factors. It is best to call us at 0893816688 and ask for a quote. We’d be happy to answer all your questions regarding our pricing.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Dry Cleaning?

dry cleaning expenses

Overhead expense.

The cost of running a business is a significant factor in determining how much you will spend on dry cleaning services. The prices of dry cleaning operations play a critical role in determining how much consumers ultimately pay. Chemicals, modern machinery purchases, rent and permits, personnel salaries, and other expenses are included in this figure.

Type of  Solvents Used

In the past, dry cleaners relied on hazardous chemicals and dry cleaning solvent to clean their clothes. Some people are currently adopting ecologically friendly items, while others have been ordered by the government to switch to greener practices.

Organic solvents and environmentally friendly dry cleaning detergents can be pricey, but the benefits of safeguarding your clothes and the environment may make the expense worthwhile.

Also important to consider would be the fact that different stains would require a different cleaning solution and cleaning method.

Extra Services

In addition to the normal dry-cleaning process that most clients are already familiar with, there are a number of premium services available. There is something for everyone here,  which includes basic repairs and clothing alterations such as tears or hem adjustments, laundry of your bedding, to home delivery, to ensuring the best results for all of your garments.

Types of clothing

While having your wedding dress, tuxedo, or designer items professionally cleaned may appear to be the best option, the cost of these high-end services can be extremely expensive, the investment can be worthwhile as your garments will remain in good condition for preservation or storage. As mentioned above, each piece of clothing would have different dry cleaning prices.

The Dry Cleaning Process

Despite the fact that it is time-consuming, labour intensive and requires meticulous attention to detail, the dry cleaning procedure is not a complicated process.

Identification and inspection are the first steps of the process.

When you drop off your items of clothing and sensitive fabrics at our dry cleaning facility, they are inspected and labelled with a tag that will remain with the garment through the entire cleaning cycle until it is returned to its rightful owner.

The second step is to remove spots and stains.

Using a variety of specialist dry cleaning methods, your experienced dry cleaner (affectionately dubbed “a spotter”) expertly eliminates spots and considerable stains from your garment.

Step 3: Sorting

Garments are separated for washing cleaning by category and colour, with consideration given to the manufacturer’s recommended care label instructions on the inside of the garment.

Step 4: Professional dry cleaning

After that, the garments are dry cleaned with a specialised clear solution that is internationally recognised for its ability to safely remove dirt and grease from even the most delicate fabrics.

Step 6: Pressing and Finishing

Dry-cleaned garments are pressed to achieve the crisp, clear pleats and that distinguish them from their non-dry-cleaned counterparts. Garments are steamed in order to restore body and shape while also eliminating wrinkles.

The final step: Finishing inspection and packaging

A final examination is carried out on the garments before they are ready for collection or delivery.
If the checker is dissatisfied with the cleanliness, odour, or pleats and creases during the final process, the garment is returned to the beginning of the process.

Final Thoughts

If you live in Australia, you’re probably not surprised to learn that dry cleaning costs are extremely high, particularly in the capital city. As you can see, there are a variety of factors that influence this figure. In most cases, the cost varies depending on the size and type of garment you wish to clean, as well as the location or city in which you reside.

It might be difficult to determine whether it is necessary to take your garments to the dry cleaners at times. There are a plethora of options available for anyone looking to get their clothing cleaned these days, ranging from laundromats, wash & fold services, and self-service machines at the supermarket or mall, to drop-off services that provide free pickup and delivery. There is something for everyone. But if you are seeking an affordable dry-cleaning service in Australia, we can assist you with your search. We provide a service that is both quick and reasonably priced. There’s no need to go anywhere else when you have our revolutionary approach to laundry services and first-class stain removal services on hand! Ad Astra Dry Cleaners will ensure that your items are returned on time.